Old Vintage Reclaimed Window Mirror

My appreciation for the beauty of old windows and making them into decorative pieces of art started with my own home built in the early 1950’s. My Wife and I loved the look of the old windows that adorned our classic brick home right outside Philadelphia. So when we updated the windows and doors to improve energy efficiently we couldn’t just toss these pieces of history into a dumpster. So we made them into decorative mirrors that bring warmth and light to multiple rooms in our home.

To create these wonderful pieces we travel all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York to hand select our window sashes. They are becoming increasing scarce so it’s a lot of long road trips but we love to preserve a piece of the past while making something beautiful and unique. If you’re looking for something specific and we don’t have it in our inventory just let us know and we can keep any eye out for you in our travels.

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